Vantiam | Rob Fowler to retire from HESTA after 15 years
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Rob Fowler to retire from HESTA after 15 years

HESTA announced yesterday that Rob Fowler, their executive of investment execution will be retiring in July this year. In HESTA’s media release announcing this change (which can be found here), the fund’s current CEO, Debby Blakey is noted to point out that “Rob was the second HESTA employee hired in our investments team and over many years he has made an amazing difference to the financial future of our members through delivering strong, long-term investment performance” .

In light of this change, a new role will be created to lead the investment team at the fund with the position of ‘Head of Investment Execution’. This person will report to HESTA CIO, Sonya Sawtell-Rickson, and will be a member of the senior leadership team at HESTA.

No doubt the search is now underway at HESTA to fill Rob’s shoes at the fund and we will be keeping a keen eye on how this search pans out!