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Are you ready to orchestrate step change at the executive leadership  level in Super & Investments?


Welcome to Vantiam Executive. We serve senior executives and organisations in Australasia in the superannuation & investments industry with independent, expert and strictly confidential career and leadership development advice, support and connections.

We operate as a trusted guide to assist executives and organisations to identify and develop winning strategies for career and leadership development within super and investments.


Having spent a decade recruiting critical roles in various functions for a number of Australia’s largest superannuation funds, investment managers and consulting firms, we are extremely fortunate to have developed relationships with many of the industry’s most respected senior leaders. This means we have eyes, ears and a voice at the table where discussions around change, organisational development and corporate goals linked with the most productive results for investors are taking place.


Vantiam is privately owned and agnostic with respect to employers and people – so long as there is a match with our underlying value set of immutable ethics, authenticity and transparency and best interest of customer. This means we are able to have independent, robust and honest conversations with different organisations to answer this overarching question – is the right person in the right role and if not how do we achieve that?


Confidentiality is so important and always front of mind, but it is not absolute just by saying so. Organisational and individual desires are critical and will be matched collaboratively when the time is right. Until that point,  being able to properly assess such a major career decision is best managed by Vantiam who can mitigate the risks of your plans and activities being discovered prematurely.

Career Visioning, Mapping & Development

Maximise positive change by orchestrating the right move at the right time.

Take Charge of Your Career & Future

Identify, Attract & Develop Industry Leaders

Give your business and leaders more opportunity drive positive change and outcomes.

Drive Executives & Organisational Excellence

Experienced Leadership. Independent Industry Expertise. Confidentiality.


Scott Bunny

The Vantiam Advantage

A message from our Founder

“Having the skills, profile and networks to prepare for and secure a senior role is only part of the equation. You also need a series of supporting elements such as a well-articulated vision of your career trajectory, a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses and most importantly trusted, confidential guidance and undiluted feedback from industry experts. Once you get there, our insights into boosting organisational development outcomes will give you a fundamental advantage. This is what we offer at Vantiam and what attracts those serious about career & leadership development to us.”

Find out how partnering with Vantiam can benefit you.

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