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Vantiam for Executives

Career Visioning, Mapping & Development

Specialised Super and Investment Executive Services

One-on-one Career Opportunity Review

You’ve been in your current role for some time now and some or all of the following questions are starting to simmer – “What does my next role look like? How do I start preparing for the move, and keep it confidential? What types of roles are best suited for me and my circumstances? ​Is it possible to take a career break? What about board roles? What about a change of pace?​ ​Who can I chat with about all of this?”​ ​Ask us how we can help you start answering these key career questions. Interested to learn more about One-on-one Career Opportunity Reviews? Enquire now.


New role readiness. Professional preparation, from profile to presentation.

At some point, after a series of unofficial coffee catch ups with other trusted people in your, and our, network, an opportunity you are genuinely interested will emerge and you’ll need to go into a formal process. Is your CV up to scratch? Is it consistent with your online profile, if you even have one (you should!)? When was the last time you interviewed? The feedback and guidance you need may not be in your immediate circle. Make Vantiam a part of your inner sanctum. Interested to learn more about New Role Readiness? Enquire Now.



Our deep relationships with a vast number of senior members of the superannuation & investments fraternity means we can often make introductions between well-matched mentors and mentees. A mentoring relationship can be hugely beneficial, for both parties – at its core, such a relationship fosters a unique learning environment where key issues and questions can be explored and wisdom can be shared. Once the initial introduction is made, Vantiam plays no further part in the mentorship. We can however provide guides and suggestions for how to make the most out of such an opportunity, as well as how long this type of arrangement should go on for. Ask us about accessing a well-matched mentor, or becoming one. Interested to learn more about Mentoring? Enquire Now.



Most, if not all, successful executives have utilised a paid coach at some point. We have a panel of proven coaches we can offer based on your specific needs.  Ask us about accessing a well-matched coach, or becoming one. Interested to learn more about Coaching? Enquire Now.


Executive Enquiry Form

Please complete the following form and someone from Vantiam will be in touch. Please only share information you are comfortable sharing. Other than your First Name and Email there are no mandatory fields. Some topics are best discussed over the phone.

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