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Vantiam for Organisations

Identify, Attract & Develop Industry Leaders

Super & Investment Leadership Team Development

Independent leadership team review and insights

Having an external, independent set of eyes engaged with your leadership team can provide your organisation with critical insights that might otherwise be hard, or slow, to extract. Vantiam runs confidential and ‘on the record’ sessions depending on the state of affairs in your organisation; from these sessions we will give you clarity and insights into what links the various phases of the executive employment life cycle, from search to development to separation. If you’re a CEO, COO, HR Executive or other senior staffer charged with boosting the value of your people then get in touch with Vantiam today.


Selection support – profile vetting and interview involvement

If you’re in the middle of, or about to commence, hiring for a senior appointment, you can soon find yourself having difficulty remaining objective. Vantiam can support you with profile validation and background checks, as well as sit in on panel interviews. Our experience allows us to tailor particularly probing interview questions, the responses to which will give you an advantage when isolating the best talent.


Executive Search – from talent maps through to global headhunting

Vantiam is in a unique position to provide objective, independent executive search services in the superannuation/pensions &  investments sector across Australasia. Knowing who’s out there and doing well, whether they are actively looking for a new opportunity or not, is very helpful data when planning for the next superstar executive in your business. Engaging, attracting and ultimately on-boarding them into your business is one of Vantiam’s primary strengths and a function we are extremely passionate about.


Internal candidate preparation and/or feedback

In the event an internal candidate is seriously pursuing an executive role in your organisation, critiquing them constructively can be a challenge. So to can the task of providing meaningful feedback, particularly when that person is unsuccessful in securing that new role.


Corporate Knowledge & Culture – articulate, optimise, share & transfer

Whilst many organisations have already solved any historic culture concerns, few have perfected the means of ensuring that culture is consistently permeating their organisation at every level. The same goes for positive corporate knowledge – is it being shared effectively by your leaders and, critically, is it being transferred effectively when key personnel depart? Vantiam can help you boost your organisational development outcomes by consulting with you in these areas.


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